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Sonic 15th Thr33 Sonic 15th Thr33

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Oh wow.

Way back when #2 was released, I wrote a comment on the flash itself. Talking about how it cheered me up and made my day. I followed your blog for a while, waiting for this flash to come out. Eventually I just forgot, until now. Logging on to check out a friends flash submission, I found out that you had uploaded this magnificent piece of ART!

Your choice of skits and the style of humour remains unchanged, this is a great thing, really. Loved the edits to the sprites. Must feel pretty fulfilling to have this over and done with to generally positive reviews. The old school SFX are STILL good. Found some of the scientific undertones and stuff kinda funny. Whether there on purpose or not, it doesn't matter. This series was wonderful, and it will be missed. Good job Mr. Strife. Good job indeed.

RicStrife responds:

Yeah, I apologize for the pure length of time it took, I spent a long hard time making this on Flash8, and it really stretched it to the limits.

Thank you for the kind words about my style and the edits. I am considering releasing a Trilogy version, were all 3 are in 1 file, with a few new skits thrown in for an added bonus.
It was very fulfilling to finish. When I made Sonic 15th, I did it for Summer of Sonic, and the feedback was amazing, my highest score, review average, amount of reviews, everything was unbelievable, I was being hounded with messages, finding my work put on Youtube without permission. It was immense, so working on making a sequal was hard. I had to make sure I didnt lose my humor style, but I needed to make many different humor groups satisfied.
My humor is mostly British, so there will be subtle intellectual underlining jokes (like Sonic's head exploding in space in 15th2)

Grenom Grenom

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

It was pretty funny.

But come on, if you were to really eat a grenade, there would be no head left at all. D= The music was okay, but mine would've been better. >=3

Add a replay button instead next time. ^_^

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TheYnnub responds:

Yeah, the whole "realism" concept sorta died when a girl got hold of a live grenade and then decided it would be a tasty snack.

Yours would have, so I'll come badger you for music next time I make a flash.

The Love I'm Searching 4 The Love I'm Searching 4

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Absolutely fantastic work, Skaijo.

The animation was flawless and I loved the character design. The thought you put into the animation was well thought out, as I can see it goes well with the music. I'll be expecting more great works from you.

Skaijo responds:

Thanks for the kind sentiments. <3

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Where's Derpy? Where's Derpy?

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

A pretty damn good effort. Lots of variety in the levels and the music was pretty nice. Very good job, Pepper. I enjoyed it. XD

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pepperpunk responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it! :)

Potential - Episode 01 Potential - Episode 01

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Not bad.

Needs work Ynnub. I enjoy the story and the witty humour, all well and good. But as you said, the filesize really dumbs down the quality of the picture and can make reading a pain as well as the characters detail.

Some BG Music or voice acting would fit this well and I'd recommend giving it a shot. I'd also enjoy some character background on that last page, just so we know who's who.

Keep trying, you'll get it right.

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TheYnnub responds:

I agree. I'm considering doing more of a "motion comic" style for the next one. ;)

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I'm Not Lonely (I Swear) ..WIP I'm Not Lonely (I Swear) ..WIP

Rated 3 / 5 stars

It's not too shabby.

Hey, it's not too bad, Gronmon. But i found that the sax playing over the techno piano [which im not sure what it really is] at 0:22 didn't seem to match, and it seemed to lack any kind of harmony at that point.

The transition to the trance sounds was good, I liked it, and the way it changed to Sax to Trance was well done and that was the highlight of the song itself. I find that, perhaps, the first two instruments [The sax and piano] needed some tweaking as it didn't sound right to me, but of course that's just Pans review.

The song is good and deserves a good rating, despite some small set backs.

GronmonSE responds:

That's a rhodes piano at the beginning.

Coming to think of it, I didn't put much thought into what instrument to use in the beginning. I just wanted something somber there.

Thanks for the review <3

Sunshine And Farts Sunshine And Farts

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Well done.

After seeing this song played in the Build a Robot 3 flash game featured on the front page, I just had to come and listen to it. It was absolutely amazing, great mix of instruments in there. It wasn't at all overpowering and it was light and I guess I could say, happy.

I have no complaints, the rhythm and the main instrument mixed together well and added great atmosphere. Im downloading this for my own collection. Well done.

Guitar vs Piano (8bit) Guitar vs Piano (8bit)

Rated 4 / 5 stars


You started the song very strong, great thing to do, and throughout the whole song it was consistant, made me want to listen to the whole thing. Magnificent work, I'm a big fan of 8-bit and I'm happy to say that this'll go on my list of great works.

Although the percussion was in error, as you said, you made up for it quite well, and I barely noticed the error at all. Again, good work. Hope to hear more from you.

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pheel responds:

Thank you :D I'm glad to hear that